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Pediatric Billing

Study how our analytics aggregate our revenue capture potential and how our Revenue Management Strategies for Pediatric group practices will escalate your bottom-line benefits.

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21 March

Improve your Practice’s Efficiency by Enhancing your Medical Billing Software

Some practices still prefer manual documentation over electronic, in order to protect data from being hacked or stolen.

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23 March

Details of MIPS performance for Year 2018, which should not be avoided!

Many providers wait until the end of the year to know where their practices stand, when it comes to the Cost Performance category.

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6 April

Patient’s financial responsibility is equally important as Patient Care

Patients’ financial responsibility is on rise, as revealed by analysis at HIMSS18. Patients have observed that average cost increase is 11% in 2017.

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We're not ones to boast, but we are definitely proud of our people and our products.

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