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Growth Charts

Growth Charts

iPatientCare Pediatrics EHR enables to chart preterm, infant and child growth records. Automated plotting of vital signs to Age and Gender specific.

Growth Charts

Immunizations List/Tracking

Complete customizable Immunization Master that enables alerts on pending vaccinations and automated reminder letters to the patient and the practice.

Growth Charts

Pediatric Dose Calculator

iPatientCare Pediatrics EHR also includes a feature that quickly calculates the dose to avoid contradictions and makes sure the proper pediatric dose is prescribed from the same Rx screen.

Growth Charts

Pediatric Sick Visit templates

More than hundreds of templates for: flu, allergies, abdominal pain, school excuse, ears, appendicitis, reflux, vomiting/diarrhea and viral infections

Growth Charts

Well Child Exam Templates

iPatientCare provides you with age-specific, pre-loaded Well Child Visit templates for children from birth to adolescence and will allow you

Growth Charts

School Form/Correspondence

This unique facility is given by iPatientCare to document school form. These forms are customized based on local requirements for e.g. parental consent forms, school excuse letters, patient referral letters and physicals

Growth Charts

CHDP Form:

Children Health Deficiency Prevention (CHDP) or PM 160 is again useful feature as it eliminates error-prone manual processes with solutions and services that reduces the chance

Growth Charts

Electronic Prescription

iPatientCare not only empowers clinicians to send Prescriptions and receive Refills Requests but also to acquire full medication history.

Features Included

Clinical knowledgebase

Intelligent billing

Enterprise scheduling

KPI dashboards

DICOM Imaging

Device Integration

Clinical reports

Patient Education

Credit card processing

Internal messaging

Mobile/iPad Compatibility

Inventory Support


Clinical alerts





Order Sets



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