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Medical Billing Services

Pediatric RCM Services

Recent reforms have changed the complexion of the healthcare industry drastically.

Especially the pediatric group practices are strained to perpetuate a healthy cash flow and enhance patient engagement without affecting the reimbursement.

Organizing the revenue cycle of a group practice can be a difficult task as it can be expensive, fragmented and complex. But it does not have to be this way.

Your revenue cycle can be strengthened by applying effective and proven strategies. This, in turn, will boost your net revenue.

Study how our analytics aggregate our revenue capture potential and how our Revenue Management Strategies for Pediatric group practices will escalate your bottom-line benefits.


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Customized Billing Solutions:

With custom-built medical billing services you have the option to outsource as much as you require. Outsourcing your medical billing and coding plus collections can clear up resources and lessen the administrative value of your practice. It permits your providers to concentrate more towards patient care and expanding the practice. Our clients’ utilized iPatientCare customized medical billing services to boost their business:

  • Denials and appeals management
  • Claims entry, submission, reconciliation, and Demographics
  • Referral Submission & tracking
  • Account receivable, and follow-up
  • Eligibility verification with payers
  • Payment posting and electronic remittance

Revenue Cycle Enhancement

In all aspects, iPatientCare delivers RCM solutions that enable the providers to receive more and faster through a sole partner. Our distinctive outlook assists you to handle the business of healthcare in all possible ways. This way you can give more priority in providing the best healthcare and save a substantial amount of money and time.

Why iPatientCare RCM Services?

Why iPatientCare RCM Services?

From top to bottom integrated technology solution

  • Cohesive appointment scheduling and eligibility verification modules
  • With zero cost, Meaningful Use Compliant EHR
  • Six levels of edits comprising custom edits
  • 98% first-pass acceptance
  • Committed to single-point-of-contact for the entire solution and services
  • Cloud-based solution promoting – ‘you see what we see’
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboards
  • 24*7 accessibility with disaster recovery
  • Skilled billing professionals
  • Ample time/cost savings and cash flow improvement
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